Corporate Social Responsibility

The sensitive broader health sector in which Osmos Hellas is active is inextricably linked to human-centered targeting. This connection is further strengthened in Osmos Hellas by the personal position of its management which considers that our corporate entity could not be considered complete without our practical contribution to the social community in which we operate and interact, influencing the company but also being influenced by the data of the time and place where we operate.

Thus, we must actively acknowledge our responsibility towards society and the environment. To respect the principles and values that characterise our culture (respect for people – human dignity and respect for the environment we have inherited and the improvement of living standards and quality of life).

At Osmos Hellas, we complete our Social Corporate Responsibility by supporting mainly Social Care Foundations. Among them are the “Hadjipaterio” Child Rehabilitation & Support Centre (K.A.S.P.) and the National Model Nursery of Kallithea.

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