The Corporate Social Responsibility of OSMOS HELLAS MON IKE directly joins the Colorectal Cancer Prevention Program

The iFOB/ FIT Colorectal Cancer Prevention Self Test/ Rapid Prevention Cassette of ALL TEST, distributed by our company, is one of the first relevant self-diagnosis tests that participates in the Ministry of Health’s program “Specific issues for the implementation of the public health action, Preventive Diagnostic Tests for Colorectal Cancer” (KYA No. D1b/GP.Oik. 30644)

The action, as stated, “aims at the timely and accurate diagnosis of colorectal cancer, the improvement of preventable mortality rates and the improvement of the quality of life of citizens” and provides for the participation of pharmacies in individual actions.
The programme aims to prevent colorectal cancer and targets around 2.8 million men and women aged 50-69.

The Self Test for Bowel Cancer Prevention iFOB / FIT Rapid Prevention Cassette of ALL TESTTM distributed by our company is one of the world’s leading, approved by the EOF and meets all the predefined specifications.

At the same time, Osmos Hellas is already proceeding to an extremely advantageous pricing for all levels of the pharmaceutical marketing industry (supermarket, wholesale, up to the individual pharmacy).

But also, appreciating the value of the program for the care of the good health of the population and the prevention of one of the most frequently occurring forms of cancer, but almost completely curable, it implements a broad Corporate Social Responsibility action so that 1% of all sales of the iFOB Self Tests for Bowel Cancer Prevention / FIT Rapid Prevention Cassette will be donated directly to the Hadjipaterio Child Rehabilitation & Support Centre (K. A.S.P.) which provides special education programs, speech therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy to children up to 14 years old. *** Translated with (free version) ***
The Social Action will be implemented by Osmos Hellas throughout the duration of the project “Specific issues for the implementation of the public health action, Preventive Diagnostic Tests for Colorectal Cancer”

For more information about the program and the iFOB/ FIT Bowel Cancer Prevention Self Test/ ALL TESTTM Rapid Prevention Cassette we are at your disposal.


Fotini Loubardia

Letter of acceptance of donation from Hadjipaterio Foundation

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